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The First megamount 561 Takes To The Road

Pro-Tyre of Westbury, Wilstshire, took delivery of the very first megamount 561 mobile CV Tyre Changer today. The installation was the first in the UK, and was also a novelty for the factory, being the first right had drive installation to be made.
Our Italian colleague made the trip over to train all those involved, and inspect the first class installation (it fitted like a glove, a tight fitting glove, but a glove nevertheless!).
The megamount 561 will allow Pro-Tyre to carry out roadside fitting without the need for lifting and levering, and is sure to become a more common sight in the future.

Check Out This Bad Boy…

megamount 801XL Flyer

The megamount 801XLS is in the marketplace and is living up to its reputation as the toughest tyre changer ever made…

This new model is available exclusively through Micheldever Tyres and subject to a great launch offer so don’t hang around, when the first 20 are gone the offer is over…!

Please feel free to download Micheldever’s brochure and contact Simon Gerrard for further information (as for our competitors, I wouldn’t bother – you’ll never make anything this good..)

New ‘Service Point’ Open

Anybody wishing to identify spare parts on the whole range of Hofmann Megaplan machines, both current and historical, can now do so easily and speedily with our new ‘Service Point’ facility.

Both in-house and sub-contract engineers, customers and distributors can now access all machine details, from exploded diagrams through to marketing support material, power requirements, useful tips and recommendations etc by visiting the Service Point in our main office. Users of this internal system will even be given the location of the part, by bin location number, in our stores room enabling a fast and simple transaction.

Clearly this facility only works for those customers using a ‘walk-in’ service, so a ‘virtual’ Service Point is currently being designed to operate from our website, with users being given free access to the majority of information, and more detailed information made accessible by the means of a temporary password system. We have started the ball rolling by uploading exploded diagrams to help customers identify more easily any parts they require, but this is simply the first step and represents only about 5% of the potential data that will ultimately be available.

Showroom Revamp Now Complete


Our showroom, located at our Sales and Admin HQ near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, has been the subject of a re-furb, and now includes a more comprehensive range of product for demonstration and training purposes.

The showroom includes the all-new megamount 801XLS tyre changer, available exclusively through Micheldever Tyres, which is capable of handling up to 28″ rims clamping from the outside as is advised when handling large alloys.

Anybody wishing to come and view is welcome to make an appointment by calling our office on 01480 891011.

On The Move…

All being well, this well situated plot of land at Thrapston, Northants, could be the new home for Hofmann Megaplan. We’ve been looking for land to build more suitable offices and demonstration facilities for some time, and it now looks like we may have found our ideal spot. The pics show how the plot overlooks fantastic views to the lakes, as well as the style of building we can expect (the building work shows Phase 1 which has already been sold). I’m due to meet the agent after Easter and, as we already know that there are no planning issues, it will all hinge on whether we can meet our needs in terms of parking and build size…We’ll keep you posted…

Costco Settle On 701XL Evo And 800-2 Combo

Costco Wholesale have chosen the megamount 701XL Evolution Tyre Changer and megaspin 800-2 TFT Balancer as their standard equipment. They have traditionally used the 701 in its conventional form (with lever) and the megaspin 400 as their standard fitment, but with technology moving fast, and taking a lead from their US counterparts where they had already moved onto lever-less fitting and premium spec balancers, the UK operation has chosen the upgrades following extensive trials at their Watford and Thurrock warehouses. Costco, who are solus Michelin and offer an ‘upmarket’ service for their members, including nitrogen inflation and precision balancing, operate warehouses nationwide and are still expanding. They have also chosen the megalift GTF3200 2 Post Lift as their standard lift.

First 801XLS’s Roll Off The Production Line

Here are the first 20 builds of the all-new 801XLS Tyre Changer ready to go out. The 801XLS is being hailed as ‘the Worlds Strongest Tyre Changer’, and is the result of a combined project with our Industrial Division. Whilst everyone else seems hell bent on making things cheaper, we are still concentrating on making things last, and the back order situation on this new machine proves that is just what our customers want. The 28″ external clamping is just one class leading feature that puts this baby in a league of its own, and we just know this is going to be a massive hit with our customers. A new leaflet is being produced in time for an official May launch, and the 801 will be available exclusively through Micheldever Tyres. We will continue with our 701XL and Evolution models as the flagships of our range.

Long Weekend – You Must Be Joking!

The workload shows no signs of letting up as we’ve all agreed today that we will all be working over Easter to keep our leadtimes at a sensible level. Lee will be out doing installs on Saturday, and we’ve even got one customer opening up especially for us on Monday because he is so desperate for his new tyre changer. And despite all this, we still managed to squeeze in two more installs tomorrow at just a few hours notice! I personally need Friday in the office to get caught up on some much needed paperwork, and Mick and Mark will be putting the final touches to our new look, immaculately presented spares room. Stuart will be back next week to finish our new ‘ServicePoint’ multimedia spares and service information station (more details to be revealed on here soon), and the demo room re-vamp will then complete our office overhaul. One day to go until the new month and we’ve already beaten February to give us a our consecutive best month ever. Then we are into a new month, and we’ve got 92 balancers and changers to build up for one customer before we even think about anything else…. Happy Days…

Imitation is the best form of flattery!!

Anyone reading the latest megawisebuys will probably notice how our old adversaries are clearly trying their best to mirror image our brand and product offering. A ‘Made In Italy’ stamp and tyre changer and balancer starter kit are the latest thing to appear as they take another step closer towards complete replication of everything we do. I’m sure its only a matter of time before the MD down there starts asking for my old clothes! If you think that sounds far-fetched, they’ve even taken on one of our ex-employees and are parading him about as my former ‘right hand man’. Talk about over-cooking it! Mind you I can’t wait to see how his promises to take all our customers with him develop over the next few months! All I can say is that anyone who owns their own business will agree with me when I say that when you have a situation of a competitor slating you one minute, yet copying everything you do the next, it is a clear sign that your success is hurting them. And you’ll also know that to be successful you have to love what you do with a passion, and no-one will ever match our passion for what we do. Altogether now, “One Hofmann Megaplan, there’s only one Hofmann Megaplan…” :)

Dodgy Scissor Lifts Not Ours!!!

We have received a number of calls from concerned customers regarding the failure of a particular range of Scissor Lifts that in some instances may be badged as ‘Hofmann’. We wish to make it clear that Hofmann Megaplan has no connection to this range of lifts or its manufacturer, and that this product would have been purchased from a totally different company. Any persons or companies with concerns over ownership of this type of lift should direct their query to the original supplier or HSE. Further information is available from http://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/mvrscissorlifts.htm