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St Ives Performance Tyres Equip With The Best!!

They say times are hard, but at Hofmann Megaplan we are pleased to say business is still booming – and judging by the number of new sites we have equipped lately for existing customers, we are not the only ones.

One of those sites is St Ives Performance Tyres in Cambridgeshire, the second store to be opened by the owners of Huntingdon Performance Tyres.

Mark and Shaun at HPT have never been shy to buy what they consider to be the best equipment, and St Ives demonstrates that with the inclusion of the flagship megamount 801XLS tyre changer, megamount 502 tyre changer, megaspin 400-2 balancer, 2 megalift GTE3200 2 post lifts, a megalift 443 4 Post lift, and megalign system 4 wheel alignment system. At the same time they also re-furbished Huntingdon with the same list of high performance equipment.

Other new openings kitted out by Hofmann Megaplan include Corby Tyres and Welwyn Tyre & MoT, both expansions by existing customers who know the value in dealing with a company who make life easy, and whose equipment policy is to simply to be the best.

More pictures will be uploaded soon showing examples of recent installations…

You Just Have To Laugh!!

I just had to share this one…

We’ve got this chap who works for one of our competitors who spends an inordinate amount of time talking about Hofmann Megaplan.

He talks about us to his work colleagues, he talks about us to our customers, in fact I dread to think about what pictures and press clippings might adorn his bedroom wall. I just hope his conversations with his wife are a bit more varied.

Anyway getting to the point, he was talking about us the other day (no surprise there then), and he had the audacity to refer to our loveable , loyal Kenny as “a bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”. Yes you read that correctly, “Kennya bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”!!

How on earth can he say that about Kenny???

I mean, in the 5 years or more that Kenny has worked for us…

 I have never seen him sweep the warehouse!!!


New Warehouse Erected

Our new warehouse has finally been erected after weeks of delays due to bad weather.

This new structure, which will increase our warehouse capacity by a further 15%, has been built on the only remaining exposed ‘wing’ of our plot, meaning we will eventually have a fully concreted ‘yard’ serving all 4 warehouses and PDI centre, ideally arranged for deliveries, collections and access for our engineers.

All we are waiting for now is a bit of dry weather to enable us to concrete the new warehouse and area directly in front of it, and we will be able to hold ven more stock and serve our customers even faster!

New Look Website Now ‘Live’!!

I like these moments, the end result of  a lot of hard work, and also proof to those doubters always ribbing me with a “working from home in inverted commas again are we Boony?” comment whenever they hear the kids shouting in the background!

Well here’s the proof that I am not just cooking, browsing the internet or doing the housework (no chance), but I am in fact hard at work in an effort to keep our position as the company that our competitors can only look to follow… I’m pleased to say that our new look website is up and running, containing even more useful product information, and profiling those products even better with the introduction of even more HMTV presentations.

I hope you find the website easy to navigate and, more importantly, sufficiently informative. But remember, we have so much more to tell you than we can ever publish in a simple website, so please do call us with any questions you may have or to request further information.

Now I must get back to that lasagne in the oven, I mean working on our new brochure…:-)

New Addition To The Customer Services Team

Joe Berryman has joined the Hofmann Megaplan Customer Services team to assist with all aspects of office activity including both sales and service matters.

Joe, 18, has joined straight from school and hopes to build a career within one of the most successful companies in the UK automotive industry. Initially handling ‘phone calls and simply assisting everybody in the office, Joe will eventually take on some aditional IT responsibility and plans to forge an important role within the company.

Two more appointments are due to be announced in the next few days as Hofmann Megaplan continue to strenghten all areas of the business as the customer base and volume of sales continues to grow.

Quality Balancers, Quality Accessories…That’s The Difference…

Next time you are looking for a new wheel balancer, dig a little deeper than just the price and brochure.

Most manufacturers today, even if they claim their machines are made in Europe, will be using low cost, inferior quality hardware made in China. The threaded shaft, locking handle and cones can represent a large chunk of the price of a balancer, so there is a significant saving to be had by reducing the quality.

At Hofmann Megaplan, we continue to to use hardware from leading German manufacturer Haweka as OEM fitment to our machines, thus guaranteeing the longevity and repeatability anyone who has used Haweka will have become accustomed to. Approved by all vehicle manufacturers and tyre manufacturers, the Haweka product is precision engineered in Germany by people who know the importance of mounting the rim correctly when wheel balancing.

This philosiphy even stretches to something as basic as balance weight pliers; we’ve noticed recently how many suppliers are providing pliers with their machines that fall apart within a matter of weeks, sometimes days. Again, at Hofmann Megaplan we still supply our own pliers, of the highest quality, that reflect the quality of components used throughought our range.

To put this in perspective, we reckon we could save at least £200 by cutting corners on the basic items mentioned here, and that would make our balancers look substantially cheaper. But there is no doubt that the long term effect would be damaging to our reputation, and we are simply not prepared to let that happen….

Problems Getting Jobs Done? Snow Chance!!

The bad weather might be holding some up from going about their business, but not Hofmann Megaplan.

We are trialling winter tyres this year and we reckon that this change, coupled with the dogged determination of our engineers to get the job done, is ensuring we keep our promises to customers despite the weather. We have covered the depth and breadth of the country today without so much as a hiccup; in fact the ever-reliable Lee has made it to Scotland, via a job in Cumbria, having left at 5am this morning, and will install 3 of our megamount 701XL’s up as far as Aberdeen before the week is out. Whilst last week wasn’t as bad weather-wise, we were still under the cosh as an order received on Wednesday afternoon dictated it was only to be confirmed if we commited to getting around 15 new machines installed by Friday!! And its not like we were sitting around waiting for things to do! But we brought back 2 lads from holiday, pulled Stuart away from his final touches to our new demonstration area, worked literally around the clock to get machines built and pdi’d, and got the job done. I don’t reckon there is a garage equipment company in the world, let alone the UK, that could have pulled that off in the way we did.

Another big ‘well done ‘ to the Installation & Training Team…

We Have Moved!!!

I am pleased to say that we have finally moved into our new premises, a stunning building on the same estate as we currently reside.

‘The Granary’ is a converted grain barn that lends itself perfectly to our business, with a vast, open plan ground floor given over to hospitality and demonstration facilities, overlooked by purpose built, gallery style offices. We are still going through a bit of pain getting to grips with our (way too advanced for me) telephone & computer system, but thats more to do with us just not knowing how to drive them yet! There is no doubt about it that this new facility makes for a fantastic working environment, and will prove far more accomodating for both our staff and customers alike.

Meanwhile, work has started on our new warehouse, which will increase our storage capacity to an impressive 12,000 square feet as well as provide us with a new warehouse office – as Stuart looks to fully computerise our PDI & Assembly activities (this is proper 21st century stuff now folks!!).   I have attached some pics of our new offices, still a bit messy as the lads finish off all the last minute jobs, and I’ll upload some of the new warehouse and extended courtyard when its finished.

All this is quite timely as we look to counter one ever-obsessed competitor and their latest slur campaign, telling anybody who cares to listen that they shouldn’t buy from us because we ‘work out of a tin shed on a farm’. We’ve had, and continue to have, some really spiteful propoganda put out about us in the past by a few individuals in particular, but this one really is the most futile. I suppose you could call most steel structure warehouse units such as those used for our warehousing, unnattractive as they are, ‘tin sheds’, but you’d be insulting half your customer base if you do that.  And if you want to refer to an industrial facility that co-resides with a working farm then, once again, I’ve got loads of damn good, professional businesses as customers who do the same. Am I embarrased to work out of a beautiful barn conversion and operate an industry leading warehousing and PDI facility in a rural location? Actually no I’m not, I love it. And the killer fact is – we own it – that’s something I’m particularly proud of and there will be a few who wish they were in the same position. From memory, the competitor in question only rents; nothing wrong with that of course, but as the saying goes, people in glass houses…:)