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Kens Tipper Hire (Hereford)

Kens Tipper Hire have their new truck tyre changer installed…. The megamount 352…..The ideal machine for owner/operators and truck tyre specialists alike, this model boasts all the operative features of its bigger brothers, but carries a price tag that makes it affordable for those customers looking to handle their own fleet. A rim clamping capability up to 27” and a 1600mm O.D. (63”) make the megamount 352 extremely versatile.

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CJ & JM Huyton (Clitheroe)

CJ & JM Huyton have the new truck tyre changer installed. The megamount 752 is a heavy duty tyre changer for truck and plant applications. Boasting a rim diameter capability of 14” to 56”, O.D of 2300mm (90.5”), and rim width up to 1065mm (42”), this model is a great ‘all-rounder’ for anything from buses to heavy plant machinery. Again, a 2 speed chuck and portable control unit complete the luxury specification.

Terry Elsey Tyres (Malton)

Terry Elsey Tyres have their new truck tyre changer. The king of truck tyre changers, the megamount 852 is an extremely heavy duty unit for handling the widest variety of CV and plant rims, from buses to earthmover. Rims from 14” to 56” with O.D. up to 2400mm (98”) and width up to 1300mm (53”) are handled with ease. Industrial strength gearbox and clamping chuck mean the megamount 852 can work in the harshest conditions, such as mining facilities and military field operations. Available in 3ph only.

5 of the best…..

Yet another 5 truck machine built and ready to go…… 3 X megamount 352’s heading out to Ireland. 1 X megamount 352 heading out to another haulage company. And finally the megamount 752, heading out to an engineering company.

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