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Hofmann Megaplan Celebrate Success

The Hofmann Megaplan team celebrated in style this weekend at the companies annual Summer Party 2018.

This year’s summer party offered the opportunity to congratulate all staff for what has been the most successful 6-months in the history of the company, making it a phenomenal first half to 2018.

This result is a testament to the knowledgeable and hard working team at Hofmann Megaplan. Their expertise has seen some huge orders across the board secured. This includes the range of tyre changers and wheel balancers that have become the bell-weather of garage equipment in the UK and Europe.

Ever growing in reputation in the same markets are the vehicle lifts offered by Hofmann megaplan. They are lighter, stronger and more robust than the competition. The wheel alignment machines range ensures equipment to suit every budget and requirement of even the most demanding garage or dealership. Add to this commercial equipment, nitrogen inflation and air conditioning machines and the range of garage equipment available and its success within the marketplace are truly great.

On every occasion the sales & scheduling teams have worked in harmony with our skilled engineers to ensure delivery, setup and training have been seamless, leaving customers satisfied every time.

The dedicated sales team, finance, parts, admin and management all had a great time celebrating what is turning into an amazing year for Hofmann Megaplan. Rest assured though, they will all be back ready to take your orders or answer your queries from Monday morning.

Give us a call on 01480 89 10 11 or request a callback.

Automechanika 2018 | Review

Hofmann Megaplan was pleased to see so many delegates from the automotive aftermarket and vehicle production sector at Automechanika 2018.

The 3-day event took place at the NEC, Birmingham and saw Hofmann Megaplan launch a number of new products including the OWB (One Weight Balance) technology for wheel balancing.

It was a record attendance at the show which also saw over 500 suppliers from over 26 countries set up stands in the 3 halls which the event took over.

New from Hofmann Megaplan

megamount 813xl

megamount 813xl on display at Automechanika 2018

Pulse 8 and megamount 813xl both in action at Automechanika 2018

The Hofmann Megaplan stand was pushed for space with a wide variety of machines in operation for delegates to inspect. This included the brand new megamount 813xl which proved popular on its show debut. As the first of its kind in the market, this tyre changer is a fully automatic machine but without a traditional tilt back arm.

The Hofmann Megaplan team were on hand to explain to delegates how the innovative parallelogram design operates the mounting head with control and precision, removing all flex while fitting.


Pulse 8 at Automechanika 2018

The new Pulse 8 Wheel Aligner on show at Automechanika 2018

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Alongside the OWB technology for balancing, a brand new wheel alignment system was also available for preview at the show. The Pulse 8 sits between the Ecoline 88 (ccd) and the Ssence 600 HD (3d) and is available to order now. Simply call 01480 8-9-10-11 to find out more now.

Automechanika 2018 proved a valuable opportunity for delegates to see the full range of wheel alignment machines Hofmann Megaplan offers side by side. If you missed out then a visit to the fully operational live demonstration showroom can also be booked by calling 01480 8-9-10-11.

The OWB (one weight balance) balancing software program that will be featuring on multiple machines, including the ms420, ms820, ms1200 and ms2000 was on show at Automechanika 2018. This was its first outing with many delegates impressed at the benefits the system can offer. For more on how OWB works speak to one of our experts today or arrange to visit us for a demo.


Mark Berryman at Automechanika 2018

Managing Director of Hofmann Megaplan Mark Berryman (right) with the team and delegates

In Summary

Managing Director, Mark Berryman said of the event “This was an extremely well run and slick operation. I take great pride in any opportunity Hofmann Megaplan has to showcase its incredible range of machines and Automechanika never fails to draw in the right crowd from all areas of the automotive and garage sectors. We look forward to returning next year.”





Other images from the Hofmann Megaplan team at Automechanika 2018:

OWB Wheel Balancer Launched at AutoMechanika 2018

One Weight Wheel Balance Hofamann MegaplanWith over 500 exhibitors at this years Automechanika event coming from over 26 countries and thousands of buying professionals attending the first day alone, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd but Hofmann Megaplan had an exciting new exclusive launch on their stand. 

OWB (one weight balance) is a new balancing software program that will now be featuring on our ms420, ms820, ms1200 and ms2000 range and has had its first outing at Automechanika 2018.

You can find Hofmann Megaplan in the all-new dedicated hall for garages known as the “Garage Quarter” on stand M117.

The OWB wheel balancing program allows you to balance the wheel, whether steel or alloy, with just a single weight.

“This is a static balance” I hear you say. It is easy to think this without knowing how the OWB works and how it can make for a more precise balance.

The difference between OWB & Static Balance

Once the OWB process is complete the unbalance value will show zero. Once a static balance is done it will still show a rest unbalance valve. It is this difference that the experts from Hofmann Megaplan have been explaining to delegates over the course of Automechanika 2018.

Different unbalances resolved by OWB

Vibrations produced by a wheel are caused by two kinds of unbalances, the STATIC unbalance and the COUPLE unbalance.
The combination of these two unbalances results in a DYNAMIC unbalance. This is the unbalance felt when driving.

Usually, the correction of the dynamic unbalance is done by positioning two counterweights, one for each plane. This operation results in a perfect balancing, but it needs TWO positioning JOBS. OWB can eliminate the need for these to separate jobs.

OWB works by pinpointing the exact place the vibration is originating from and gives you the option to put a single weight on that position. The system then automatically suggests a single ideal correction plane, indicating the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel. This will minimize both static and dynamic unbalance using ONLY ONE COUNTERWEIGHT.

Hofmann Megaplan Team Automechanika 2018

The Hofmann Megaplan team at Automechanika 2018

Not at Automechanika 2018?

If you missed the chance to see the exclusive first outing of the OWB Wheel balancing system software at Automechanika 2018 don’t fear. Our fully working showroom is open by appointment for you to visit and see all of our garage equipment including the full range of wheel balancers.

You can call us now on 01480 89 10 11 or request a callback. Our team will be happy to talk to you more about the OWB system and arrange a visit.


We hope to see you at Automechanika 2018!

Automechanika 2018 Stand M117 Hofmann Megaplan

5-7 June 2018 | NEC BIRMINGHAM | HALLS 6, 19 & 20

Hofmann Megaplan is pleased to be exhibiting at Automechanika 2018, the UK’s leading exhibition for the automotive aftermarket and vehicle production sector.

This year we will have a wide variety of equipment and experts on hand to talk you through every aspect of our machinery.

We will be exclusively showcasing two brand new pieces of equipment. The megamount 813XL is the first tyre changer of its kind in the marketplace; a fully automatic machine, but without the traditional tilt back arm! This Tyre Changer uses an innovative parallelogram design to operate the mounting head with control and precision, removing all flex while fitting.

Automechanika 2018 stand Hofmann Megaplan

We will also be launching our new wheel alignment system, the Pulse 8. This Italian aligner is changing industry standards! The Pulse 8 from Hofmann Megaplan is the wheel alignment machine that fills the gap between our Ecoline 88 (ccd) and the Ssence 600 HD (3d). This launch will also be accompanied by a new balance program. This will feature on the MS420 and is an OWB program (one weight balance) which is completely new.

Speak to our team at Automechanka to find out more on stand M117 and see images from the show set up below.

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