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First 801XLS’s Roll Off The Production Line

Here are the first 20 builds of the all-new 801XLS Tyre Changer ready to go out. The 801XLS is being hailed as ‘the Worlds Strongest Tyre Changer’, and is the result of a combined project with our Industrial Division. Whilst everyone else seems hell bent on making things cheaper, we are still concentrating on making things last, and the back order situation on this new machine proves that is just what our customers want. The 28″ external clamping is just one class leading feature that puts this baby in a league of its own, and we just know this is going to be a massive hit with our customers. A new leaflet is being produced in time for an official May launch, and the 801 will be available exclusively through Micheldever Tyres. We will continue with our 701XL and Evolution models as the flagships of our range.

Long Weekend – You Must Be Joking!

The workload shows no signs of letting up as we’ve all agreed today that we will all be working over Easter to keep our leadtimes at a sensible level. Lee will be out doing installs on Saturday, and we’ve even got one customer opening up especially for us on Monday because he is so desperate for his new tyre changer. And despite all this, we still managed to squeeze in two more installs tomorrow at just a few hours notice! I personally need Friday in the office to get caught up on some much needed paperwork, and Mick and Mark will be putting the final touches to our new look, immaculately presented spares room. Stuart will be back next week to finish our new ‘ServicePoint’ multimedia spares and service information station (more details to be revealed on here soon), and the demo room re-vamp will then complete our office overhaul. One day to go until the new month and we’ve already beaten February to give us a our consecutive best month ever. Then we are into a new month, and we’ve got 92 balancers and changers to build up for one customer before we even think about anything else…. Happy Days…

Imitation is the best form of flattery!!

Anyone reading the latest megawisebuys will probably notice how our old adversaries are clearly trying their best to mirror image our brand and product offering. A ‘Made In Italy’ stamp and tyre changer and balancer starter kit are the latest thing to appear as they take another step closer towards complete replication of everything we do. I’m sure its only a matter of time before the MD down there starts asking for my old clothes! If you think that sounds far-fetched, they’ve even taken on one of our ex-employees and are parading him about as my former ‘right hand man’. Talk about over-cooking it! Mind you I can’t wait to see how his promises to take all our customers with him develop over the next few months! All I can say is that anyone who owns their own business will agree with me when I say that when you have a situation of a competitor slating you one minute, yet copying everything you do the next, it is a clear sign that your success is hurting them. And you’ll also know that to be successful you have to love what you do with a passion, and no-one will ever match our passion for what we do. Altogether now, “One Hofmann Megaplan, there’s only one Hofmann Megaplan…” 🙂

Dodgy Scissor Lifts Not Ours!!!

We have received a number of calls from concerned customers regarding the failure of a particular range of Scissor Lifts that in some instances may be badged as ‘Hofmann’. We wish to make it clear that Hofmann Megaplan has no connection to this range of lifts or its manufacturer, and that this product would have been purchased from a totally different company. Any persons or companies with concerns over ownership of this type of lift should direct their query to the original supplier or HSE. Further information is available from

Another One Hits The Road….

Here are a few pics of another mobile tyre fitting van kitted out at our fitting centre, complete with megamount 401 Racing Tyre Changer with 26″ clamping and megaspin 100 balancer, both operated by a 12v battery. This particular one is for an independent but the workshop was awash with Honda engines and receivers, awaiting the delivery of 92 fitting & balancing machines for a large customer we have (more will be revealed when we are officially allowed to talk about it!). This is a prime example of how we do a professional fitting service and not just stick a couple of machines in a van.

The pics show how we have fitted accessories such as hand towel dispenser, LED lighting, sockets for laptop and credit card machine, wheel weight storage etc, and we have made proper storage for jacks, bead seater, tools etc. We are seeing more and  more people come to us for a complete service rather than just buy the machines and fit them themselves. Two new vans for Event Mobile also turned up while I was there, poor old Graham isn’t going to get a break this Easter!

Micheldever And Hofmann Megaplan – Official Partners

Following a meeting today with Micheldever Group Ltd I am pleased to say that we are now the official equipment supplier to the group, which includes the nationwide Pro-Tyre retail sites, the world famous site at Micheldever Station and the wholesale division. I took a quick pic of our machines in use the in the ‘flowline’ and had a chat with the lads who are delighted with their machines. Next up is the launch of a new model, specifically designed for this particular bay, which we have now put into production and will offer exclusively through Micheldever wholesale….watch this space…PS, I owe a big thank you to Karl Sayles of KSS for assisting us with the development of that model!

Another Boss For Black Boots

Prestigious tyre shop Black Boots, based in Chesham, Bucks, have purchased another megamount Boss to cope with the increasing workload as the business grow from strength to strength. I can’ think of many, in fact I cant think of any, tyre shops in the UK running two leverless machines, but if you saw the queues of top marque vehicles queuing outside on a Saturday morning you’d understand why! They also upgraded their 501 conventional tyre changer with a megafit 2 arm. Congrats to Jason and the team on doing a fantastic job over the last year or so….

Hofmann Megaplan Expand The Team…And Other General Ramblings!

Our unbelievable start to 2010 looks set to continue, with a record month in Feb looking like it could be bettered in March, and so we’ve had to increased our capability with some new faces – and a couple of familiar ones too! Ricky Clarey and Lee Parrott have joined the installation and maintainence team, and Stuart Corley and Tim Coley have made a return to the fold. Both Lee and Ricky are doing great and have picked it all up really well, and are giving ‘old hands’ Tim and Stu a run for their money! Meanwhile, Mark Berryman has joined us as Operations Director, taking responsibility for…well,  pretty much everything actually, I’m just not seeing enough of my beautiful gaf in Spain you see! I’ve wanted Mark on board for years, and now we’ve finally got him. We are already working together on our new Service website, and Mark and Mick (now promoted to Technical Director) have sorted out the spares situation good and proper, with computer logged bin locations and everything, we are going to be super slick. I could happily Chinese burn previous employees who were supposedly responsible for it – “p*** up, brewery, and unable to organise” are words that spring to mind! But thats all behind us now, and we have brought in some real team players to complement the rest of our team and help maintain the fantastic relationship we have with our customers. Outside of our blissfully organised and exciting world, I’m hearing stories of some sharp suited fool at one of our competitors who is telling anyone that will listen how he is going to ‘take all our business away’. I can’t decide whether he is showing so much testosterone and determination I should offer him a job, or whether he should be sectioned for believing he can do something no-one before him has ever been able to do! Either way, this chap obviously hasn’t learned anything from the previous casualties that felt compelled to poke us with a stick, and I’m looking forward to a fresh challenge! I often wonder if these companies would be more succesful if they concentrated on their own business rather than obsessing about us all the time? Anyway, as so many of our customers often profess, if people are slating you it means you are doing something right…

The busiest tyre site in the world uses Hofmann Megaplan – FACT!!

We’ve just supplied the worlds busiest tyre site (as officially recognised by various tyre manufacturers) at Micheldever Tyres in Winchester, with 2  megamount 801XLS and megaspin 800-2 machines! It has been a real learning curve because nothing could have prepared us for the work these get put through, so after a few modifications here and a few re-designs there, we now have what we all reckon has to be the toughest machines ever made (outside of the industrial sector that is, I don’t want to out noses out of joint at our sister Industrial division!). The guys at Micheldever reckon they are the best they’ve ever worked with, and have said that anything they’ve had in previously has just needed continual maintenence and simply couldn’t cope. So all in all, a major feather in our cap!!!

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