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OWB Wheel Balancer Launched at AutoMechanika 2018

One Weight Wheel Balance Hofamann MegaplanWith over 500 exhibitors at this years Automechanika event coming from over 26 countries and thousands of buying professionals attending the first day alone, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd but Hofmann Megaplan had an exciting new exclusive launch on their stand. 

OWB (one weight balance) is a new balancing software program that will now be featuring on our ms420, ms820, ms1200 and ms2000 range and has had its first outing at Automechanika 2018.

You can find Hofmann Megaplan in the all-new dedicated hall for garages known as the “Garage Quarter” on stand M117.

The OWB wheel balancing program allows you to balance the wheel, whether steel or alloy, with just a single weight.

“This is a static balance” I hear you say. It is easy to think this without knowing how the OWB works and how it can make for a more precise balance.

The difference between OWB & Static Balance

Once the OWB process is complete the unbalance value will show zero. Once a static balance is done it will still show a rest unbalance valve. It is this difference that the experts from Hofmann Megaplan have been explaining to delegates over the course of Automechanika 2018.

Different unbalances resolved by OWB

Vibrations produced by a wheel are caused by two kinds of unbalances, the STATIC unbalance and the COUPLE unbalance.
The combination of these two unbalances results in a DYNAMIC unbalance. This is the unbalance felt when driving.

Usually, the correction of the dynamic unbalance is done by positioning two counterweights, one for each plane. This operation results in a perfect balancing, but it needs TWO positioning JOBS. OWB can eliminate the need for these to separate jobs.

OWB works by pinpointing the exact place the vibration is originating from and gives you the option to put a single weight on that position. The system then automatically suggests a single ideal correction plane, indicating the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel. This will minimize both static and dynamic unbalance using ONLY ONE COUNTERWEIGHT.

Hofmann Megaplan Team Automechanika 2018

The Hofmann Megaplan team at Automechanika 2018

Not at Automechanika 2018?

If you missed the chance to see the exclusive first outing of the OWB Wheel balancing system software at Automechanika 2018 don’t fear. Our fully working showroom is open by appointment for you to visit and see all of our garage equipment including the full range of wheel balancers.

You can call us now on 01480 89 10 11 or request a callback. Our team will be happy to talk to you more about the OWB system and arrange a visit.


Smithy Garage motor services (Sheffield)

Smithy Garage motor services have their new tyre equipment installed.

The Ecomount 22plus tyre changer and Junior balancer are an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations who cannot justify a premium package, but need a tyre changer to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc and a balancer that is quick and easy to set up and use. The package eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price.



For more information then please contact our team on 01480 891011.


Hills Motors

Hills Motors take delivery of their new tyre equipment.


The ecomount 22 plus is an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations who cannot justify a premium tyre changer, but need to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc.

The fully-automatic ecomount 22 Plus eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price. Also available without assist arm (model ecomount 22).

The Junior light (E1400) hand spin balancer is a compact, reliable, but simple wheel balancer for mobile operators or workshops where space is at a premium.

Operating from either 12v or 240v, and offering a number of alloy weight position modes, the E1400 provides an unbeatable level of quality for the price.


How far are ‘they’ willing to go? – I bet we go further!

Going the extra mile

We like to think we are dedicated to every installation we carry out. Quite often you’ll see posts on this very blog about installations in most remote of places. This one is no exception! With the products checked and PDI at our Huntington base, the products were loaded ready for our engineer to install at the most northerly tip of the British Isles, Shetland. The customer required a complete tyre changing and alignment setup including, lifting equipment, wheel aligner, tyre changers and finally balancers.

shetland1The Shetland island is the UK most northerly group of islands and putting that into perspective their nearest neighbour is Orkney, 50 miles (80km) to the south-west. In fact it’s only 200 miles (320km) away from Norway.  It’s a 12 hour ferry ride, something our engineers know all about!

In such remote locations services can be expensive and  the customer need to know that their equipment would be well made and stand the test of time, so not to incur any costly call outs.

 What was installed?

TSX3200 Min Height LRScissor lift – TSX3000

At the heart of the installation are the two new TSX3000 scissors lifts, recently added to Hofmann Megaplan range. Boasting a lifting capacity of 3 tonnes and minimum height of just 110mm making it great for installations directly to the floor. Their strength and versatility make them ideal in a situation like this.

Tyre changer – 503 Racing

megamount 503 Angled 2The fully-automatic megamount 503 Racing is simply fantastic value for money; providing the typical build quality customers have come to expect from a ‘megamount’ model, combined with a versatile specification and highly competitive price tag. A best seller and common sight amongst tyre shops, garages and main dealers across the globe!

Laser Aligner – megaline

Representing great value for money and incredible return on investment, the megaline system 4 is a must for any garage or tyre shop; even those with existing computerised systems would value the megaline as a way of getting measurements quickly for customer checks.

Lifts – megalift 4000-2 

A fairly recent addition to the Hofmann Megaplan range, the megalift 4000-2 lift as a an electro-hydraulic 2 Post lift represents excellent value for money, combining an economic design typical of entry-level lifts, but with the added peace of mind of being a Hofmann Megaplan product with all its associated qualities such as build, reliability, long-term spares availability and reputation.

megaspin 200-3 balancermegaspin 200-3 No Hood

Finally the megaspin 200-3 was added is just makes perfect sense! Small, and loaded with features normally only associated with ‘top end’ machines. The megaspin 200 is a motorised wheel balancer utilising low speed technology to eliminate the need for a wheel guard, making it an excellent solution for workshops where space is at a premium.

This particular install was sold by Andrew Page where you can get a range of Hofmann Megaplan products.

Happy July 4th – From Hofmann Megaplan USA

Hofmann Megaplan USA take another giant leap forward

Following a exceptionally well received launch in Las Vegas back in February, the Hofmann Megaplan trans-Atlantic offering is really starting to take shape. With two impressive premium wheel balancers and  two feature driven tyre (tire) changers in their armory to unleash on the US market.


The 420 is really special and contains The most advanced technology the industry has seen in a wheel balancer. The combination of revolutionary new technology, incredible simplicity, and typical Hofmann Megaplan reliability make this, in our opinion, the best value wheel balancer on the US market today.

Boasting ‘No Checkspin’ technology and 6 O’clock weight positioning, the megaspin 420 only requires the operator to select the weight position(s) and lower the hood – it’s that simple! There is no possibility for error, no chance of the machine throwing up an extra 5 or 10gms, and absolutely NO CHECKSPIN REQUIRED!

Like its sister model, the 820 shares the accolade of offering the most advanced technology the industry has seen in a wheel balancer. All packaged up with a highly visible LCD screen, which delievers acurate results.


Click to see the machine in action

As for the tyre changers, we are offering something really special and groundbreaking that should get the American market talking.

The new ‘Twister Evo” tyre changer from Hofmann Megaplan is a ‘game changing’ piece of Italian engineering that makes tyre changing ‘a dream’ for fitters. Its revolutionary design unitises an ‘up and around’, fully-automatic side-swinging motion, unseen in the market until now. One handed operation is here and could change the way a modern tyres are fitted.

Seeing is believing, so give us a call to see just how special this machine is.


usafillThe machines featured at the ToolExpo in Orlando, FL last week as part of the ISN groups annual customer tool show. Like everything in America this event is simply massive!



  • 170 + Vendor Booths
  • New cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, electronics and more given away to lucky winners 40 Training Forums
  • Live Demos, New Products and Exclusive Deals
  • “Nuclear Deals” in every booth
  • ISN’s complimentary SPA – hair, makeup, nails (this one’s for Mick) and massages

We’ll certainly be back for more next year!

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