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New Calibration Equipment Ensures Even Longer Life!

As always, we at Hofmann Megaplan go that extra mile when it comes to customer service.

Our latest addition to our portfolio is to offer OE Factory Calibration using a precision balancing instrument normally only implemented at the point of assembly in the factory.

This tool, which costs over £3000, enables us to re-set a balancer to the exact status to which it left the factory when it was brand new. Each individual component of the rig has been tested and certified by a NAMAS laboratory, and provides the most accurate method achievable for setting up a wheel balancer.

“Many people don’t realise that the calibrations they pay their suppliers to come and carry out are what we simply term as ‘User’ calibrations; I.e. they can actually do it themselves,” comments Hofmann Megaplan Service Director Mark Berryman. “With our precision calibration tool we can do the most advanced test and set-up you can possibly have, without having to send the machine back to Italy or wherever it was manufactured! We will of course still continue to carry out User cals, but for those customers who want traceability we can now provide an even better service”.

The Rig has been manufactured so that not only can it accomodate Hofmann Megaplan machines, but it can also be used on a number of alternative manufacturers’ models.

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