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The busiest tyre site in the world uses Hofmann Megaplan – FACT!!

We’ve just supplied the worlds busiest tyre site (as officially recognised by various tyre manufacturers) at Micheldever Tyres in Winchester, with 2  megamount 801XLS and megaspin 800-2 machines! It has been a real learning curve because nothing could have prepared us for the work these get put through, so after a few modifications here and a few re-designs there, we now have what we all reckon has to be the toughest machines ever made (outside of the industrial sector that is, I don’t want to out noses out of joint at our sister Industrial division!). The guys at Micheldever reckon they are the best they’ve ever worked with, and have said that anything they’ve had in previously has just needed continual maintenence and simply couldn’t cope. So all in all, a major feather in our cap!!!

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January 2019
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