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You Just Have To Laugh!!

I just had to share this one…

We’ve got this chap who works for one of our competitors who spends an inordinate amount of time talking about Hofmann Megaplan.

He talks about us to his work colleagues, he talks about us to our customers, in fact I dread to think about what pictures and press clippings might adorn his bedroom wall. I just hope his conversations with his wife are a bit more varied.

Anyway getting to the point, he was talking about us the other day (no surprise there then), and he had the audacity to refer to our loveable , loyal Kenny as “a bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”. Yes you read that correctly, “Kennya bloke who fits the odd arm and sweeps the warehouse”!!

How on earth can he say that about Kenny???

I mean, in the 5 years or more that Kenny has worked for us…

 I have never seen him sweep the warehouse!!!


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